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The UK is experiencing a significant rise in the reshoring of contract manufacturing, as well as a rise in the exporting of UK based injection moulded expertise to suppliers on the continent. As companies continue to navigate the hidden costs of outsourcing, combined with quality issues and complex supply chain dynamics, the case for reshoring tooling and manufacturing to the UK has grown stronger.

The Challenge

Singer Instruments had experienced reasonable success with their subcontractor, who were using several modular tools to produce a range of moulded parts for their Synthetic Genetic Array (SGA) analysis devices. Challenged by an ageing injection moulding tool, the subcontractor encountered quality issues with warpage and discolouration on completed parts.

With the warped parts causing handling issues with the laboratory automation robots it soon became clear that production would have to stop. Although attempts were made to understand why the moulder was experiencing these difficulties, operational time differences eventually led to the relationship between customer and supplier breaking down.

Singer Instruments therefore set about searching for a UK injection moulding partner able to embrace the reshoring of an existing tool, combined with a cleanroom manufacturing capability.

reshoring injection moulding
reshoring injection moulding

The Solution

By working closely with Singer Instruments through meticulous tool development and validation, Data Plastics were able to offer them continuity of moulded parts supply from a UK based company.

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Case Study

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