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Tooling & 3D Prototyping

We offer 3D printed prototypes to save you time and money before proceeding with production tool manufacture


As injection moulding experts, our experienced tooling & 3D prototyping team provide you with an in-house CAD design facility with full prototyping service. From any 3D dimensional drawing, we can produce the most complex of components – even those with movable parts. Prototypes are produced in a strong ABS plastic offering greater strength than previous SLA prototyping methods. We can supply new part small batch runs to see how those components perform in situ before committing to production tooling.  With 3D Printing, the production of prototypes has become a faster and less expensive option.

Once you have decided on the design of your component, our tool makers can specify, design and make your tooling in-house.  If, however, it is more cost effective, we can also use our equally experienced overseas tool supplier. Tooling is supplied at cost price and is always 100% yours — this avoids any part tooling deals designed to restrict your freedom to change supplier.

Throughout the tool-making and prototyping phase, our tool makers and specialist engineers are always on hand to offer help, advice and assist in the development of your custom part, taking care of  all your tooling & 3D prototyping needs.

We Provide

  • full design and prototyping facility
  • in-house tooling & 3D prototyping
  • flexibility to offer overseas tool-making facility if more cost effective
  • excellent in-house tool maintenance
  • access to specialist knowledge

Contact us on 01993 700777 or email sales@dataplastics.co.uk today to discuss how we can help with your tooling & 3D prototyping.